More Than One Type of Grass?


The chart above I put together to help with the identification and understanding of the different types of turf grass that are out there. First things first, there are many more types than just the three in the chart. These three are the most widely desired turf grasses depending on your region. Depending where you are, these are the turf grasses you will find seed and sod for at your local live good retailer.

It is important to know what turf grass you have (or desire) so you can create a proper maintenance program for your lawn. Just like everything else in life, the more you know about your lawn the more you can do to make your venture successful. At the end up the summer we will be talking about how best to seed/prepare your lawn for the fall, and the knowledge you gain now will have you feeling like a pro when you make that trip to store to buy your seed and fertilizer. Not sure if you will feel like a pro? Don’t worry we will have plenty of things to discuss between then and now to boost that confidence!

Still not sure what type of turf grass you have or if you are identifying it correctly? Here is a great link to help you in your process of discovery:

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